At SPOIL ME, we’ re passionate about superior nail artistry and more. A key element of your self-care routine, we believe that the beauty experience is something to be savoured and your self should be long adored and pampered. With that in mind, we’ve made it our mission to elevate every aspect of the nail, hair and more experience for our customers.

Our journey began in 2010, at the northern suburbs of Athens and Nea Erythrea. After a successful decade, the year 2022 marks an important milestone, as the brand SPOIL ME was born and , at the same time, our second spot opened its doors in Athens downtown, in Kolonaki area, aspired to be one of the city’s most talked-about nail salon chains.

“Spoil Me” idea was born as we envision to provide a holistic new level of customer service. We  offer a personal beauty experience for every guest and we are proud of it. 

We invite you to explore and learn more about what SPOIL ME can do for you into our Instagrammable stores.


Symbolized by the peacock icon, which expresses beauty, luxury, passion and self-confidence, SPOIL ME addresses to the modern woman who wants to be inside out beautiful, charming and confident.

Our philosophy entails commitment to quality, exceptional customer-service, pampering, beauty, and love, all the symbols of an WOW peacock, that sums up our brand.

For us, every day is an opportunity for joy, gratitude and new experiences. Adopt our motto and come to approach life with a different look, choosing to make each day special and live it to the fullest.


So much more than a manicure

Our concept is customer-centric. We, at SPOIL ME, place great emphasis on detail, on high service and experience, maintaining constantly our high standards.

Continuous training, at all levels, allows us to become creative, proactive and innovative. The unique spaces of SPOIL ME are not only the perfect spot for you to be pampered and feel relaxed, but also the ideal place to enjoy your shopping, your coffee and… why not, your cocktail.

We aspire to spoil you. That’s how we want you to feel every time you visit us.

a note from the founder

As I sit and reflect on the last year since Spoil Me was born, I reminisce on some of the most amazing challenges and experiences life has thrown. I want to say a massive thank you to all of our supporters and customers as you guys have really made our dream come true. 

We believe that when you feel good, you do good. We want women to be confident in who they are and everything they do. When women support each other magical things happen and we really can change the World.

Spoil Me is a collective of women who believe beauty is not just the way you look but more about the way you feel. Our existence is based on unapologetically uplifting and empowering women around the world.

We truly hope you enjoy your experience at our salons.

And your coffee.

Hugs & Kisses